Likewise, the style of the book, whose long, complex sentences may offend – constructed as they are with a view to reconstituting the complexity of the social world in a language capable of holding together the most diverse things while setting them in rigorous perspective – stems partly from the endeavour to mobilize all the resources of the traditional modes of expression, literary, philosophical or scientific, so as to say things that were de facto or de jure excluded from them, and to prevent the reading from slipping back into the simplicities of the smart essay or the political polemic.
Virke löytyy Pierre Bourdieun teoksen Distinction englanninkielisen laitoksen esipuheesta. Bourdieu erottautuu virkkeellään nokkelista esseisteistä ja poliittisista poleemikoista kuten gastronomi ruokavalinnoillaan pikaruokailijasta.